What is a psychotherapy ? What is it used for ? Who is it adressed to ?

What is a psychotherapy ?

A psychotherapy, is first of all taking time to take care of itself and of what’s going wrong with the help of « someone » ; someone who knows to welcome without advising or judging… To make that possible, the psychopractitioner acquired the necessary listening quality by leading before and during his training an important psychotherapeutic work on himself. The therapeutic alliance, that is the trust link appearing and developing between the subject and his therapist, is the necessary base to the progress. On that is build the possibility for the subject to talk confidentially of its suffering and his existential difficulties, in other words of what’s going wrong in his life, the questions he’s asking himself.

What is it used for ? Who is it addressed to ?

A psychotherapy is a way to do something for itself. First of all it serves to relieve the surplus of sufferings and to free itself from what’s weighing, to confess to someone else ; what’s hard to say, often even more to its relations, its family, its friends… Being able to say it with words but also express the feelings, the emotions, the pains going with it.

A psychotherapy also serves to discern the ins and outs of the incomprehensible of our sufferings. Seek in ourself the lighting of the sense, not only to understand, but above all to welcome ourself as we are.

The therapeutic path also helps to discover ignored parts of itself, hidden talents, possibilities that we didn’t imagine before. It is a path towards itself, a meeting with itself. A psychotherapy is then addressed first of all to the persons in difficulties with relational and/or existential life who do not accept to keep it like that and are looking for taking their fate in hand.