The French law relative to the profession

“Psychotherapist’s” title having mostly been emptied of its fundamental contents by the decree N 2010-534 of May 20th 2010, this one doesn’t present anymore today all the guarantees of skill which made its success.

All the representative syndicates and federations of the profession (FF2P, AFFOP, SNPPsy, Psy’G, Psy en Mouvement) thus agree on a new title :

Certified Psychopractitioner

This new title guarantees a complete training to the including psychotherapy:
• a thorough personal psychotherapy;
• a theoretical, methodological and practical training in a method of psychotherapy validated scientifically;
• a training in clinical psychopathology
• a supervision perms throughout the professional practice;
• a commitment to conform to the ethical charter of the profession;
• an accreditation by a peers’ national commission.